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For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for everything to do with horses­ – a passion I share with my dad and my twin sister. I was fortunate to be born in Argentina, which has a long history in all equestrian sports especially show jumping, polo and horse racing.


I started riding lessons when I was seven years old and was involved in show jumping from the very start. As my riding skills increased, I found myself becoming more and more interested in show jumping. I simply got so much joy from jumping and competing. During my career, I was very lucky to be trained by a number of Olympic coaches (such as Roberto Tagle, Guillermo Cordoba, Victor Alvez Texeira and Nelson Pessoa) and I took part in numerous National events as well as International competitions.


Our son, Benjamin, was born in 2013 and for a couple of years riding had to take a back seat. However, I started riding and coaching again in 2015 and, in order to get Australian recognition for teaching, I completed the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) – Level 1 General – and I am currently working towards Level 2.


In May 2017, our daughter, Mia, was born and I went back to the saddle about a month later. I decided to stay out of the ring for a couple of years, until our bub became more independent. Mainly keeping up with the training at home (training days, attending clinics).

At the start of 2019 I am full of enthusiasm and motivation as my beloved Barrabadeen Cognac (Chicago x Barrabadeen Azudo) is feeling more mature and ready to start official shows. I am very excited about us finally getting in the ring.

I am enjoying writing my blog and sharing my love for horses and show jumping. You can also follow me on Instagram – ‘On my way to training and preparing my best friend Cognac for his first shows’.





Lessons & Clinics

I am based in Swan Valley, Western Australia, and can offer a wide range of options for show-jumpers at all levels of experience. Lessons can be conducted at the Priory Equestrian Park facility, or at the rider’s own premises, and cover flatwork, gymnastic and show jumping. Group sessions can also be organised at different locations.

Common topics to work on

  • Keeping the horse in front of the leg

  • Exercises to perform fly changes

  • Improving leg position

  • Developing good hands

  • Training green horses over fences

  • Keeping control after landing

  • Improving the seat

  • Prevent your horse to rush into jumps

  • Developing rider confidence


Lessons focus on

  • Jumping Technique

  • Gymnastics

  • Exercises to perfect your jump

  • Related Distances

  • Course Practice (on training days)

Improving Rideability and Results

  • Improving your eye to “see the stride”

  • Effective use of aids

  • Flat and pole work

  • Horse and rider bond

I am also available to discuss and work with you to develop a tailored long-term working plan for you and your horse.

Call/text or email me today to arrange a time. 'Get in touch'

Pricing for lessons: 
Private Lessons (one hour): $85

Group Lessons (one hour): $65 per rider 
PAYMENT: Cash or bank transference payment done before you ride.
Packages for monthly lessons can be arranged by email or contact me at my phone number.

Arena Fee: $10 if applicable.

Lessons times are:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7am to 4.00pm
Saturday 7.00am to 12.00pm 
All lessons by appointment

Prior to undertaking a lesson, all students who are not EA members are required to complete a disclosure Form. Please download this form by clicking here, and bring it completed before starting the lesson. 

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears

Love your horses - and learn from them

Strive for perfection everyday you ride

I love horses and enjoy working with riders to help them improve their techniques. 

Laura Castineyras

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Mobile 0449 - 622 478

Postal Address: 1/126 Hensman St., South Perth, 6151.

Western Australia.