· Fitness for Riders – Planned to get riders in shape this lesson is designed to improve rider endurance, build muscles and improve balance. It will help correct or improve rider position. Come ready to work up a sweat.



· Fitness for Horses - Designed to improve a horse’s endurance, jumping technique and balance over the fence. Gymnastic and training are designed to improve horse-jumping skills.



· Feeling your Horse - Exercises designed to improve the connection between horse and rider. Flat work is planned to help a rider feel strides, control the horse before and after the poles, and improves rider ability to judge distances towards jumps.


· Dressage for Jumping - Basic skills for every good rider. Focused on the execution of precise movements to help the horse achieve clear rounds in the show jumping arena. For instance, working from progressive to direct transitions, half-halt, shortening and lengthening, leg yielding and more – all within the ‘training scale’ concept.


· Competition - Bring the horse ready to jump, this course is tailored and designed for your level. Maximum 2 riders.


· Jump Off - Training your horse for jump off and developing specific rider skills for winners.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears

Love your horses - and learn from them

Strive for perfection everyday you ride