Show Jumping Course Plan

Jump Off: 5, 1, 7, 8a - 8b, 9.

Line measurements could vary depending on the level of the riders, height of the jumps, size of horses and measures of the arena. For instance, if there are ponies within the class all related distances need to be adjusted.

For instance, in 0,60cm all ponies should be entering first and distances should be reduced for the size of the horses. Then, extend distances once the arena is re-openned to welcome adults who are jumping on the same class. The idea for this level, is to have not many related distances, only a few lines and focusing more in making riders to change direction (lead) after the jump as well as working in straight lines at a time.

Note: Depending on the level of the riders and ponies jumping in the class, it might be recommended to avoid having a combination (of one or two strides, like 8a and 8b). It might be safer and more appropriate to have single jumps. In this case, 8b would need to be removed.

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