Pony Club Rally - Jumping Plan

  1. Exercise: 2 points seat - trotting over poles. Then, trotting over poles plus jumping cross in one direction. Then, opposite direction. Crossed have to be removed and put it back again accordingly.

  2. Exercise: Jumping a vertical, with placing pole and catering away. Depending on level, they could canter to the vertical and landing into correct lead (opposite lead – Ex.: Right rein, lands into left lead).

  3. Exercise: Grid work - 3 verticals, 1 stride + 1 stride. First one direction, then opposite direction.

  4. Exercise: Jumping line, vertical then 4 strides to oxer, then 5 strides with slight curve to a vertical. Depending on level of riders, could do only straight line or add the curve line.

Note: Measurements may vary depending on the size of the horses and jumps’ height.

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