Why I love this Grid work Plan?

Level: Intermediate/Advance.

I love this design because it is versatile and provides a “2-in-1” training package. It allows you to concentrate your exercise in two different skill areas, gymnastics over grids and working on your horse’s balance and control.

1). Grid work. Jump the verticals in a straight line as a grid with one stride in between each vertical, as shown in the first drawing above. Always work progressively if your horse is not experienced with working on gymnastics. If this is the case, place all poles on the ground and practice, gradually building up as your horse begins to understand how the exercise works. Please note that measurements might need to be adjusted according to the size of your horse (its stride) and experience.

2). Exercise: Horse balance and control. Jump the verticals in different directions as per the plan above. Jump every vertical and make a fly change over the jump so you can turn direction smoothly following a half-circle; then come to the next vertical and keep practicing the same. This is a great exercise to work on your horse balance and control. You are meant to land into the "correct" canter lead.

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