Helmet Review - IRH Elite Extreme

I decided to write a brief review about my riding helmet because I love it and I would like to answer all those students who have been asking me for more details about it, like brand, price, and where they can be purchased.

I wear a helmet from “International Riding Helmets”, an American maker that has been on the market for more than three decades. The most important thing for me, since I wear it for long periods, is that it fits well and is very comfortable. It has great ventilation ports that keep me really cool while riding and it has a washable inner liner. I think it looks incredibly stylish and doesn’t give that ‘mushroom head’ look, which I personally feel makes some riders look very awkward.

I believe these helmets are really good “value for money” when it comes to quality, comfort, durability & style. They are very hard wearing and should last a long time: I have had mine for over eight years and it still looks like new.


More information can be found on the “International Riding Helmets” website at: http://www.irhhelmets.com/

My particular helmet is the ‘Elite Extreme’ model, which is available in Matt black (although mine is grey, it doesn’t look as if that colour is available on their website at the moment). This is the link http://irhhelmets.com/-IRH-Riding-Helmet-ID-201064.html

A fitting guide is available on their website and they have a fantastic video explaining everything you need. It is important to note that fitting may vary depending on a rider’s unique head shape. I find it interesting that they have developed different helmet formats to suit an individual rider’s head shape. Have a look at the following link, which could help you decide which model may best suit you: http://irhhelmets.com/flyers/2016PREMIUM.pdf

There are also different beautiful helmet styles available that would suit different disciplines and tests. Have a look at the catalogue: http://irhhelmets.com/download_catalog.php

It is important to note that “IRH” meets F1163 Industry Standards, which align with Equestrian Australia’s (EA’s) new regulations on helmets that take effect from January 2017.

Price is USD 125 plus Postage cost to Australia. It could be ordered by email directly from the factory. Email available on this link http://irhhelmets.com/contact.php

Below myself training with my beloved helmet

Some more pictures on how my helmet looks today.

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