Pony Club Rally - Jumping Plan – Aug. 2016

  1. Exercise: 2 points seat - trotting over poles. Then, trotting over poles plus jumping crosses (1 stride). Second cross then becomes oxer (cross at front, and rail behind). For little ponies would only use second jump.

  2. Exercise: Jumping a vertical, with placing pole and catering away. For more advance riders, they could canter to the vertical and land into opposite lead – Ex.: If jump is approach from the right, expected to land on the left lead. So they could start learning and feeling fly changes over a small jump.

  3. Exercise: Jumping line both ways - 5 strides – Vertical to Square Oxer or Square Oxer to Vertical. If nice and easy for students would add jump N. 5.

  4. Exercise: Jumping line, vertical then 4 strides to oxer. Then, students could practise a short course, jumping (Line N.4)+(Vertical N.2 – No placing pole)+(Line N.3)+(Vertical N.5).

Note: Measurements may vary depending on the size of the horses and jumps’ height.

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