The Winkler Gymnastics – Developing a horse agility, foreleg technique, rhythm and balance.

First, start with small jumps – around 60cm for the verticals and 80cm for the oxer. The

Start with small jumps, 60cm for verticals and 80cm for the oxer. The exercise should be built up in one step a time for green horses, from the trotting poles (1.30m spacing) adding jumps along the training. Trotting poles at the start would help to find correct distance to the grid, though the exercise could be ridden at canter (avoiding trotting poles). It is recommended to limit the high of the exercise to a 1.00m for verticals and no more the 1.20m for the oxer.

If you are introducing a horse to the exercise it is recommended to trot to the grid (Grid N. 1). At the beginning of the training a vertical would work better, instead of the oxer, to suit your horse level or experience with gymnastics.

Note that once you introduce the oxer it is required to modify the entry with only one trotting pole (Grid N. 2) to facilitate distance.

When is ridden at cantering, go with a collected canter (Grid N. 3).

Temperamental or hot horses could find the exercise too tight.

Distances are average and they can be extended to help horses with bigger strides or once you set higher jumps.

Setting bigger distances to some horses should make it easier until they learn the exercise and start slowly adjusting their stride.

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