"Lack of confidence" - 5 Ways to increase your confidence.

I found this brilliant article ‘5 Ways to increase your confidence’ written by April Clay, who is a rider and sport psychologist in Calgary, Alberta - Published by https://horsenetwork.com; and would like to share with you.

I recommend coaches and also riders to have a read at this insightful article about rider’s confidence or “lack of it”. It provides wise statements on five ways to work in your confidence. I actually came across to this article some time ago and kept it as one of my selections of -must read- and saved it to my “drawer of golden equestrian treasures readings”.

Bellow two of the main statements:

As coaches, it is important to have in mind that “Confidence unfortunately is not a purchasable item.” It is very common to hear “She needs to ride that horse more confidently and he will respond better.”

As riders, it is wise to consider that “Your confidence is a set of beliefs you possess about your riding, it is knowledge gained through experience. The feeling good part is simply a by-product of this new knowledge. So don’t get too hung up on feeling good, figure out ways to be good.”

If you are interested in reading the complete article follows the link https://horsenetwork.com/2017/11/5-ways-increase-condidence/

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